CV. Karunia Timbangan

CV. Karunia T Scales is a company engaged in the sale & service of electronic/digital & manual scales of various brands/types. CV. Karunia Scales provides Service, Calibration & Re-calibration of various Electronic/Digital & Manual Scales. CV. Karunia Scales sells various spare parts for Electronic/Digital & Manual Scales of various Brands/Types, we use Quality Spare Parts for Scales and a definite guarantee. CV. The Gift of Scales serves throughout the province of Indonesia. As for Scales Service, Electronic/Digital & Manual Scales Calibration that we serve, among others:- Electronic/Digital & Manual Scales Service.- Electronic/Digital & Manual Scale Calibration.- Recalibration of Electronic/Digital & Manual Scales.- Service Weighbridge / Car Scales.- Construction of Weigh Bridges, Car / Truck Scales on Location. CV. The Gift of Scales in addition to our Electronic/Digital & Manual Scale Calibration & Re-calibration Service, we provide Electronic/Digital Scales for sale of various brands/types, including the following:I. Electronic / Digital & Manual Scales.- Selling Digital / Electronic BenchScale.- Selling Digital / Electronic Floor Scales.- Selling Digital / Electronic Animal Scales.- Selling Digital / Electronic Hanging Scales (CrenScale).- Selling Table Scales (Portable) Digital / Electronic.- Selling Weighbridges, Selling Car Scales, (TruckScale) Digital / Electronic.II. Manual Scales / Mechanical Scales- Selling CB Scales- Selling TBI Scales- Selling Manual Animal ScalesCV. Karunia T Scales is engaged in Services, Calibration of Digital / Electronic & Manual Scales. CV. The Gift of Scales is also assisted by technicians / experts who are very experienced in their respective fields.CV. The Gift of Scales sells spare parts for Digital / Electronic & Manual Scales. We sell Spare Parts for Scales as follows: Digital Scales Loadcell, Digital Scales Indicator, Digital Scales Loadcell Cable, Digital Scales Juntionbox, Etc. Guaranteed and qualified spare parts with a 100% guarantee for sure.CV. Karunia Timbangan accepts custom weighing services which can be adjusted to the needs of the company. for example :1) Scales of goods at the factory capacity and size can be designed according to specifications with the size and needs;2) Experts modify scales from mechanical to digital according to sizes which we can produce ourselves.The superiority of the products produced by CV. The Gift of Scales:- Competitive prices Because we produce ourselves in our workshop;- Design that can be adjusted to the size of the capacity as neededbooking;- Done by experts who are experienced in their field;- Quality is guaranteed and strictly monitored.CV. Karunia Timbangan also presents the best quality products guaranteed with a one year service guarantee.CV. Karunia T Scales will also always contact customers who later once a year to apply for a calibration and re-calibration service, whereby the scales must be recalibrated within one year so that the owner can use the scales with accurate results.CV. Karunia T Scales will explain and provide the best solution for your customer needs. You can contact us atPhone : 081287777008WhatsApp : 081287777008Email :