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CV. Karunia Timbangan (Banten, Indonesia)

CV. Gift Scales serving digital weighing services and service manual scales from various - kinds of brands / types throughout the Indonesia service weigh the services we serve, among others:

- Service Scales Digital / Manual
- Service Scales And Calibration
- Service Scales And Re-Certified Metrology
- Service Unloading Weigh the Bridge
- Services Install Bridge Location
Besides Service Scales We also Sell kinds - Scales Digital And Manual, we hold sales scales of various models and brands, including:

I. Digital Scales / Electronic Scales

    - Sell Digital Scales Sit
    - Sell Digital Scales Floor
    - Sell Digital Animal Scales
    - Sell Digital Hanging Scales
    - Selling Digital Table Scales
    - Sell Scale TRUCK SCALE, Etc.
II. Manual Scales / Mechanical Scales

    - Selling Scales CB
    - Sell TBI Scales
    - Selling Manual Scales
CV. Gift Scales engaged in the field of service scales are also assisted by experts who are very experienced in their respective fields.

CV. Gift Scales Sell Sparepart Digital Scales such as, Loadcell / Sensor Digital Scales of various - kinds of brands / types, We use a Sparepart Warranty and berkualiatas with 100%
CV. Gift Balance can also adjust the scales according to the demand for your company needs for example:

1) The scales of manufactured goods of capacity and size can be designed in accordance with their circumstances and requirements;
2) The expert modifies the scales from mechanic to digital according to the size we can produce ourselves.

The advantages of products manufactured by CV. Gift Scales:
- Competitive price Because we own production in our workshop;
- Design that can be adjusted to the size of capacity as needed
- done by experts who have experience in their field;
- Quality is more secure and closely monitored.

CV. The Gift of Scales also presents the best quality products guaranteed with one year service guarantee.

CV. The Gift of Scales will also always contact customers who will once a year apply for a calibration and re-calibration service which, as appropriate, the scales in one year should be re-calibrated so that owners can use scales with accurate results.

CV. Gift Scales will explain and provide the best solution for your customer needs can contact us at

Hp: 081287777008
WhatsApp: 082115528125

Email: cvkaruniatimbangan@gmail.com


produk kami terlengkap dan bisa menjangkau ke seluruh indonesia


menberikan pelayan terbaik ke custamer jasa service 1x24 jam


JL. Raya Kosambi Barat No. 24 RT.004 RW 002, Kosambi Barat Tagerang, Tangerang Banten , Indonesia Kota Tangerang 15213
Banten , Indonesia



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