jasa kalibrasi.

kalibration timbangan digital

kalibration timbangan digital

The gift CV Scales Serving our calibration services a variety of digital scales from a wide variety of brand / typeOur experienced technicians assisted the respective fields "we serve in seuruh Indonesia especially jabodetabek.to overcome the problematic scales in your company can contact us at

Jakarta Scales Calibration

Jakarta Scales Calibration

 Calibration, re-calibration of Digital Floor ScalesWe CV. Scales bounty engaged in services include testing, calibration and re-certified calibration metrology centers throughout Indonesia, we assisted a reliable experienced engineers in their respective fields and have proven we will provide

jasa kalibrasi.

Calibration of Digital Scales of various brands / types in the Soekarno-Hatta airport area, Rawa Bokor, Helmsman and Jabodetabek.  In addition to digital scale calibration, we also provide manual scale calibration, spring scale calibration, and others.  The scale calibration services we provide are as follows:

 ELECTRONIC / DIGITAL Scales Calibration Services.

 - Calibration of digital scales

 - Manual scale calibration

 - Calibration of truck scales

 - Calibration of floor scales

 - Calibration of analytical balances

 - Calibration of pharmacy scales

 - Calibration of body scales

 - Calibration of sitting scales

 - Calibration of lab scales

 - Calibration of hanging scales

 - Calibration of spring scales

 - Calibration of animal scales

 - Calibration of car scales

 - Calibration of cargo scales

 - And others