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13 Mar 2020
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Specification of

Product Specification Scales Truckscale

Truck Scale Scales are easy to use and equipped with 10,000 data memory and a Built in Thermal Printer for proof of recording the weighing process. With a fairly affordable price when compared to the Standard Scale / Jembantan Weigh Truck which is relatively more expensive and relatively high risk of being struck by lightning and the process is quite time consuming.

Scucks Truckscale is also one of the superior products owned by us, Truckscale Scales besides affordable prices and good quality so that it can be trusted by customers to buy truckscale scales in our company.

Other names for the Truckscale Scales can also be called the floor scales that function in addition to truck scales, these Truckscale Scales can also be used for Animal Scales and other Vehicle Scales.

CV KARUNIA SCALES selling hanging scales and digital scales jakarta, tangerang, Dadap complete from various brands / types of quality and guaranteed warranty in addition to selling we also serve digital scales, calibration and re-calibrated scales we serve delivery orders throughout Indonesia entrust the needs of Indonesia and your service to us.

CV. gift scales sell scales sit, sell scales

flooring, selling hanging scales, selling table scales, selling analitycal scales, selling animal scales, selling truckscale scales, etc.

For further information, please contact

CV. The Gift of Scales

JL. Raya Kosambi Barat No. 24 RT.004 RW 002, Kosambi Barat Tagerang, Tangerang Banten, Indonesia

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