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Hanging Scales
Hanging Scales
Hanging Scales
Hanging Scales
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09 Mar 2020
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Specification of

Hanging scales / Crane used to measure the weight measurement by means of raised or hanging scales can also measure the load by means of hanging usually by using a hoist or hoist, we are of the CV. Scales offers a wide selection of gift of hanging scale / crane scale

Hanging scales are scales with features and digital technology that has been standard for heavy equipment / heavy equipment,

For operator comfort, hanging scales are also equipped with an LED display that is quite clear for us to see it.

Besides selling Hanging Scales, we also sell a variety of scales at affordable prices and quality scales. We also provide Service scales that have been reliable and service scales are done by force who are experts in their fields.

CV GIFT OF WEIGHTS selling hanging scales and digital scales Jakarta, Tangerang full of various kinds of brand / type that quality and warranty certainly besides mejual we also provide service of digital scales, calibration and calibration re-certified our airport delivery order across Indonesia entrust needs and service you to us

CV. gifts selling scales scales sitting, selling buckets

ngan floor, selling hanging scales, scales sales counter, selling analitycal scales, animal scales sell, sell truck scales, etc.

For further info please contact

CV. The gift Scales

JL. Raya Kosambi Barat No. 24 RT.004 RW 002, Tagerang West Kosambi, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia

082115528125 (whatsapp)

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