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Scales sat A1X
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Specification of Scales sat A1X

CV Karunia Timbagan selling digital scales, selling loadcell and service scales sit down, scales table, hanging scales, floor scales, scales analitycal, weighing animals and electronic scales others, we also provide service, calibration and tera re-certified, we also assisted workers experts working in their fields - each of us Melyani service jabodetabek

Specifications scales sitting

brands Sonic

Type a1x

Model Scales sitting

capacity Dimensions

2gram 30kg x 30cm x 40cm

5gram 60kg x 30cm x 40cm

150kg x 10gram 40cm x 50cm

300kg x 50gram 50cm x 60cm

500kg x 60cm x 70cm 100gram

600kg x 70cm x 70cm 100gram


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